Credits and Thank You’s

The children of minority age photographed in our blog are our children or kids whose parents authorized us to publish their pictures by signing a parental consent and release  agreement (Liberatoria/Autorizzazione per la pubblicazione di fotografie di minori).

All graphics and illustrations on our blog are either our original creations (by Priscilla Gil and/or by Ebba Erikzon), designed and scanned in by us, or are items free for non-commercial use, with the exceptions of those found in Pinterest and credited to someone else, either on the page where it appears or on this page.

If we’ve put something up on this page that was either not for commercial use or that needs a credit in order to be used, contact us and we will either remove it promptly or credit it properly, depending on the case.

Also, if you want to use anything from this blog, please contact us to ask permission.

As for the thank you’s, we’ve tried to mention everyone who’s contributed in a significant way to this blog, whether it’s been by sending in something for us to put up or by helping us with HTML or graphics.

We’re sure there are people out there whom we’ve overlooked, and if you are one of them, thank you very much for all your help.

Roma Family Welcome couldn’t have been made without the help of those who have contributed code, artwork, testing and criticism.


Roma Family Welcome homepage logo: Sara White

Thank You’s (in no particular order):

Mavi Villatoro and Sarah Lages of Mammaproof for inspiring and helping us think up the idea, hoping to soon be able to spread their brand in Italy, being part of a great international team.

Priscilla’s Dad, Giancarlo, for his blessing and positive energy, without which she would not have completed these web pages.

Sara White for contributing to blog’s design and for giving us tips for doing our own graphics.

Priscilla’s brother, Lele of Videoplugger, for supporting, advising and for taking so much time and love.

Capa for taking pictures and suggesting improvements.

Dario Malagigi for general help and advice when we where just starting.

Maria Grazia Cavallo Marincola for her valuable professional advice.

Last, but not least, thanks to everyone who’s visited this blog and to everyone who has contacted us about it.